Approved Tracks

Technologies and Applications with Systematic Refinements in Automation
Prof. Po-Ting Lin
Prof. Ching-Yuan Chang
Prof. ​Kuan-Lun Hsu
Advance in Robot Athlete
Prof. Jacky Baltes
Prof. Po-Ting Lin
Prof. ​Kuo-Yang Tu​​
Industry forum and Symposium of Application of Robots in Industry
Dr. ​Shu Huang
Robot, optimization and sensing
Prof. ​Hsien-I Lin
​Recent Advances on Human Machine Interaction and Intelligent Systems
Prof. ​​Huei-Yung Lin
Applications of Robotics and Industry 4.0
Prof. ​​Meng-Kun Liu
Prof. Wei-Chen Lee
Brain Computer Interface and Computational Motor Control
Prof. Wei-Chun Hsu
Prof. Yi-Hung Liu
Smart System and Its Applications
Prof. Chin-Sheng Chen
Prof. Yung-Yao Chen
Prof. Yu-Hsiu Lin​​

Tech-Enabled Services and Applications of Intelligent Systems
Prof. Shuo-Yan Chou
Industry 4.0 Practical Applications
Prof. Chung-Hsien Kuo
Prof. Tran Minh-Quang
Robotic Arm and Joint: Modeling, Control, and Sensing
Prof. Han-Pang Huang
Prof. Chun-Yeon Lin
Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robot
Prof. Chih-Hung G. Li
Prof. Jenn-Jier J. Lien
Prof. Ming-Chang Lin


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